Buffed, Beautiful and Bitchin’

My kids are out of school today because of the Presidents’ Day holiday, and their being home throws a wrench into my workout routine.  Yeah, I know, cry me a river, but I get really bitchy if I don’t workout, and then everyone suffers.

So I called my friend Shannon, a writing buddy who’s also a personal trainer, to see what she was up to today.  She had a sick kid at home so she invited me over to workout with her and another friend.  Well, what does an efficient Mom do best?  Juggle!  I made a couple of calls, got my kids a playdate for the time I would be exercising, and met the ladies.  It was a beautiful example of multitasking at its best – 75 minutes of Shannon putting us through the paces (not quite as fantastic as this video clip, but awesome in a whole different way) while I filled them in on some of the stuff I learned yesterday in a great blogging workshop taught by the raunchy and funny Hollis Gillespie and her partner in crime Mike Alvear.  By the time I left we were all feeling buffed, beautiful and bitchin’!

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  1. Steve D says:

    That clip is just wrong!! My mental image of you gals working out together is SHOT!

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