Mom, can I get a puppy?

“Mom, can I get a puppy?”

“Sure, when you move out and get your own apartment.”

“C’mon, Mom.  I’ll take care of it.”

“Oh, kind of like you take care of the cats and the birds now?”

“But I don’t like to clean up cat throw up.”

“Neither do I.”

“And you’re home all the time so it’s easier for you.”

“Mmm, hmm.”

“I promise, we will walk it when it needs to go out, and we will pick up its poop.”

“Yeah, right.  I can barely get you two out of bed on a rainy, cold morning.  There’s no way you are going to get up and walk a dog.  Sorry, kid but I’m not taking care of one more living thing around here.”

“You’re mean.”

“Well, you’ll appreciate me when you’re 30.  Maybe.”

About Chris DeVinney

Me in a nutshell: mom, writer, former lobbyist, wife, volunteer, lover of music and art, massive fan of traveling, and something of a smart ass. A typical INTJ, I quietly observe anyone and anything that comes into my orbit, squirreling away material for future essays. These days I spend my time writing about whatever interests me (both professionally and personally) and trying to strike the balance between taking care of kids/family/house/pets and me. Occasionally I nail it, hang on to it briefly, and then scramble back toward the center when the tipping starts again. I know, it’s a common story.
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2 Responses to Mom, can I get a puppy?

  1. Monocurious says:

    And so it was written, chapter 1 has begun. One whole chapter should be filled with those conversation noir’s. They will appreciate the green out of it one day. I simply loved it.

  2. Jeannified says:

    Roman’s ben asking for a puppy lately. Jeff is thinking about it, but it won’t be for another year or so, I’d guess. He wants a little Maltipoo anyway! 😉

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