Still drying my eyes over this one

Where have I been?  Working my butt off as a volunteer with our school.  Our annual auction just wrapped up and I had a hand in it.  Well, more like both hands, both feet, and more than a few sleepless nights.  But it totally paid off and was all for a good cause.  Anyhoo, one of my FAVORITE websites is  I can only imagine how tingly I would feel if I were one of the audience members listening to these talks live and in person.  This presentation in particular made me cry, but I admit to being a total softy.  Enjoy.

About Chris DeVinney

Me in a nutshell: mom, writer, former lobbyist, wife, volunteer, lover of music and art, massive fan of traveling, and something of a smart ass. A typical INTJ, I quietly observe anyone and anything that comes into my orbit, squirreling away material for future essays. These days I spend my time writing about whatever interests me (both professionally and personally) and trying to strike the balance between taking care of kids/family/house/pets and me. Occasionally I nail it, hang on to it briefly, and then scramble back toward the center when the tipping starts again. I know, it’s a common story.
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