I love me some Travis Barker

Yeah, I know this is random, but I seriously dig Travis Barker.  Saw him a couple of weeks ago when he was in town performing with Mix Master Mike (of Beastie Boys fame).  He is so physical when he drums, I just love to watch him.  Enjoy.  Why?  Because it’s Friday!  What other reason do you need?

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1 Response to I love me some Travis Barker

  1. Jeannified says:

    He is from the Inland EMpire…Jeff’s neck of the woods. he recently bought ANOTHER house in that area. He owns about five houses in the inland empire. It’s assumed that he’s buying them for his family, as he has a couple of businesses out there too…clothing, bikes, etc., I believe.

    Did you ever watch, “Meet the Barkers.” That ex of his…a former Miss USA, Shauna, is a piece of nasty work!

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