Mood(y) Music

I love it when the kids introduce me to interesting music.  Thanks to a couple of high school girls who reluctantly stopped hovering over the Pandora station they were streaming on their laptop to man the register at our favorite, after-school frozen yogurt haunt, I recently heard Bon Iver.  The band’s been around since ’07, so I’m a little late to this party (as usual), but glad I made it nonetheless.  I really like Justin Vernon’s voice, which reminds me a little of Jimmy Somerville’s voice (Bronski Beat – total 80s reference that’s going to be lost on the youngsters who read this), except at a slower pace and minus the heavy synth-pop accompaniment.

Some of the songs are a little down tempo even for my taste, but Bon Iver has been in heavy rotation on my iPod the past few gray, Fall days.  Seems perfect for them.  Wrap me in a fuzzy throw, put a cup of coffee and a great book into my hands, set me before a roaring fire while chill winds blow the leaves around outside, and hit play.  Ahhhhhh…


“I Can’t Make You Love Me” – covering Bonnie Raitt (I love this song – the original and the cover.)

Imagine the moody music that would come out of a Justin Vernon / Ben Gibbard collaboration.  I’m not sure I could take it.

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