The World Has Dimmed Just a Bit

Christopher Hitchens died last Thursday. I will miss his ferocious intellect, his eloquence, and his desire to challenge status quo thinking. He was a polarizing figure who often cut an uncomfortable wake because of the personalities and subject matter he was willing to confront.  Nevertheless, he always left me thinking more deeply and consciously after encountering his point of view.  Here are a couple of examples of just that – intriguing, amusing, irreverent, worth considering.

This video clip provides a tiny glimpse into what I find appealing about his way of thinking. The statements he makes beginning at 1:34 sum up the way I hope to live out my days – discontent with swallowing some other’s philosophy without fully considering whether or not it holds up to my own scrutiny; pushing myself to points of discomfort in order to learn, experience, and know life’s depth; and shattering my own habitually developed beliefs.  

His Vanity Fair series On the Limits of Self-Improvement is nothing short of hilarious.

His foray into discussing his experience with discovering he had cancer is worth reading as well.

I’m glad he was so prolific a writer / debater / public speaker.  Like the familiar smell of a beloved friend that lingers on his clothes after he is gone, Christopher Hitchens’ literary and video remnants soften the fact of his absence in the world.

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  1. Jennifer Baker says:

    Thank you for sharing this with me. I wish I would have taken a few more chances in my life, as well. It’s amazing how we get “too comfortable” with whatever and refuse to challenge ourselves because of it.

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