You Makka Me Laugh

“I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh.” – Maya Angelou

Werd, Maya.

I love to laugh.  Love it so much I married this guy who kills me with his quick-witted nerd humor on a daily basis.  I think he may be the most comfortable-in-his-own-skin person I know.  I probably laugh more now than at any time in our almost 23 years together.  And that, my friends, is as beautiful a thing as anyone can hope for.

So, we go out on a couple of date nights each week.  Have to do it.  (Our babysitter tells us how “adorable” we are as we head out on our dates.  She encourages us to go get our groove on, which we do.)  What’s one of the secrets to a long-term, happy relationship?  Getting the hell out of the house without kids and doing fun stuff if for no other reason than to remind yourself that they haven’t sucked all the life out of you yet.  (Relax.  I’m kidding.  For the most part.)

This past year or so, we’ve probably been to more comedy shows than in the previous ten years.  Anyone who knows me knows that smart, raunchy comedy totally does it for me.  I am FULLY in touch with my inner-16-year-old boy.  Here’s a rundown of who we’ve seen.  Anjelah Johnson.  Very funny.  I included a clip of some of her stand up in this old post. We also saw Dave Attel and Matt Davis, who was the show opener that night.  Matt Davis stole the show with his schtick about cougars and getting oral sex from older women.  The room of mostly mid-lifers (because, hey, it was a 6:00 p.m. show), plus a smattering of young parents, was ROARING.

We saw Louis C.K.  We saw Bill Burr.  Burr’s show was by far my favorite of the year.  So much so, in fact that I dropped a fat F-bomb as I buzz-updated (I wasn’t drunk) on Facebook after the show about how he was “fucking hilarious”, which prompted my mother to ask if I was allowed to talk that way on Facebook, and is that the way I talk all the time these days?  I had to patiently explain to her, as I do with my kids when they ask me why people cuss, that I do it strictly for emphasis, not because my vocabulary is so shallow that I can’t find a better word in that moment.  (Though I admit that sometimes it just feels REALLY good to cuss a blue streak.) Burr’s show made Stevie-D laugh until he cried, so my Facebook status was bang on.

Tonight, we are off to see Jim Short and Margaret Cho.  This clip about when she went on the persimmon diet and the havoc that it wreaked on her body while she sat in LA traffic is too funny.  Too bad she didn’t have these with her.  Next month may hold the comedy pièce de résistance for the year when Daniel Tosh comes to town.  I can’t wait!

If you can’t find a way to laugh, you might as well be dead.  Or maybe you already are.  Just a little.  Inside.  Hope not though.  If you think you might be, let me offer two suggestions that could turn things around for you:  1. the Daniel Tosh station on Pandora, which causes me to guffaw and snort uncontrollably; and 2. Bill Burr: You People Are All The Same, which is comedy special that can be streamed on Netflix.  The section on gold diggers alone practically made me swallow my tongue laughing so hard.  Seriously, it’s FUCKING hilarious.  There’s no other way to describe it.  Go! Now! What are you waiting for?! You’re welcome!

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