Moody Music Monday

“I need time to scrounge the rent.  Need time to contemplate the accident.  I’ve got to drag my ass to now…how did I come to stop here? Well, I knew the gas was gone but I had to rev the motor.  Pull back the hand, you might get it cut off in the rotor” – Mike Doughty – Maybe I’ll Come Down

Gray, rainy days make me want to hibernate, cook and listen to music.  Here’s some of the playlist that was keeping me company in the kitchen tonight as comfort food simmered on the stove.

Hem – Half Acre 

Gotta admit that I am down with some Icelandic Music – at least a sliver of it.  Bjork, crazy little pixie that she is, put out some good stuff way back when she was with the Sugarcubes (Birthday, Hit) and as an early solo artist (Violently Happy, Army of Me, Big Time Sensuality) – whew, look at me dating myself.  Anyway, I recently started listening to a podcast out of Seattle called KEXP Presents Music That Matters, and heard an episode featuring music from the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival.  Ásgeir was one of the artists highlighted.  (I think he sounds like Justin Vernon, formerly of Bon Iver).  His father is a poet who wrote the lyrics for this song.  Ásgeir plays the guitar well and I like the guitar focus in the beginning of the song, but then it goes heavy with a synthesizer and a full horns section, which doesn’t totally appeal to me.  Still, there’s something about this song that I like.  Ásgeir – King and Cross (English version)

Icelandic version (I think I like this one best.)

Mike Doughty – former Soul Coughing front man is doing his own thing these days. His recent album has re-imagined versions of original Soul Coughing songs.  I think he’s a brilliant lyricist and I liked this album so much that I went to a concert by myself for the first time because I never did get to see Soul Coughing when they were together and I didn’t want to miss seeing him live.

Idiot Kings


Super Bon Bon

Unmarked Helicopters

Maybe I’ll Come Down

Correatown – Shine Right Through

Correatown – Further

And a little pop “cherry” to top it all off:

Paramore – The Only Exception

Paramore – Still Into You

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