May 2014 Be The Year We All Embrace Living Out Loud

“I don’t even remember the first time I started making something.  I just think I’ve always made things.  It has been my passion in my heart to bring life to something inanimate…I just see every day as an opportunity to bring art to people.” – Zina Nicole Lahr

What is beautiful?  I think it’s someone who totally owns who they are, someone who lives out loud – with complete abandon, without apology.  Especially when that someone is a little different, or weird by conventional standards.  Do you know these people?  The ones lit from within by a bright, bold, gorgeous, rare fire?  The LEDs in a sea of incandescent bulbs? The ones whose energy is all generosity and accessible, whole-heartedness wrapped up in a funky package?

I love those people.  They have balls.  They have the kind of balls I wish I had.  They have the kind of balls most of us wish we had.

Zina Lahr appears to have been one of them.  She was a self-described, self-diagnosed sufferer of “Creative Compulsive Disorder”.  She liked to make things from other things, and by all appearances, she was prolific.

She died in late November in a hiking accident in Colorado, but shortly before she did, her friend, Stormy Pyeatte, shot and edited a short film showcasing some of Zina’s work.  Pyeatte finalized the editing after Zina’s death to honor her lost friend and highlight Zina’s uniquely, infectious energy and spirit.  The video rolled up into my Facebook feed this morning when my friend Jess shared it.  Zina’s insatiable creativity was amazing, and it also touched me.

You know those people who, when they come to die, it feels like the world just lost someone really special? Zina seems like one of those people.  I didn’t know her.  I never met her, but I sure am glad she didn’t disappear from the Earth without my knowing she was here.

(Credit: short film shot and edited by Stormy Pyeatte)

May we all live our lives out loud and unflinchingly share who we are.

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2 Responses to May 2014 Be The Year We All Embrace Living Out Loud

  1. monocurious says:

    Honestly, I find you more interesting. Your ” energy is all generosity and accessible, whole-heartedness wrapped up in a funky package?” Perhaps you just haven’t fully stepped into and embraced that part of yourself yet? I see it clearly, I’m a grateful recipient of your generous and accessible heart. You are a beautiful soul, I think you appreciate these qualities so much in others because you see yourself in them. Live out loud baby. I’m glad you’re writing, I look forward to more. XO

  2. Tricia Spivey says:

    That was exactly what I needed today.
    I LOVE it! I LOVE you!

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