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The World Has Dimmed Just a Bit

Christopher Hitchens died last Thursday. I will miss his ferocious intellect, his eloquence, and his desire to challenge status quo thinking. He was a polarizing figure who often cut an uncomfortable wake because of the personalities and subject matter he … Continue reading

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Not Guilty

That’s what I’m striving for – not feeling guilty whenever I have to say what it is that I need.  Of course, this means it’s up to me to determine and own what that is, and then communicate clearly what … Continue reading

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Just say om…

Last night the girls and I were watching a show in which this chair flashed through a scene. Molly immediately said to me, “Mom, what is it called when people sit like this and close their eyes?” Me: “Meditation.” Molly: … Continue reading

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Hey, Stranger…

Yesterday I had an unusual encounter with a guy in a parking lot.  I had just finished getting a pedicure at a typical Vietnamese-owned nail salon.  Maybe you’ve visited one and experienced a little something like this… I used to … Continue reading

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Bringing the party with her wherever she goes.

My younger daughter has been described as “the girl you are going to want to have as your college roommate because she’s so fun and will be invited to all the best parties.”  Yep, I can see that.

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Happy Easter!

My kids’ Easter eggs don’t look anything like these, but maybe they will some day.  Now pass me the Peeps and that chocolate bunny! Hipster Easter eggs courtesy of

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I love me some Travis Barker

Yeah, I know this is random, but I seriously dig Travis Barker.  Saw him a couple of weeks ago when he was in town performing with Mix Master Mike (of Beastie Boys fame).  He is so physical when he drums, … Continue reading

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